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Trifecta: Supply Chains, COVID-19, & Brexit Collide

It is no secret that the end of the Brexit Transition Period and the likely second wave of COVID-19 infections are colliding at year-end 2020. This situation increases the importance of ensuring that the U.K. does not additionally run into severe shortages of medicines and personal protective equipment.

Yesterday, the British Government advise pharmaceuticals companies to begin creating a 6-week stock pile of essential items:

If companies plus the government in London plus the governments in Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland all dutifully implement these recommendations, how long will it take for European governments to follow suit? As noted weeks ago to our PolicyScope Risk Monitor subscribers, the European Union has already implemented a similar strategy at the EU level.

Medical companies will see a near-term surge in revenues, of course. But it is difficult to escape the conclusion that governments are systematically battening down the hatches for a challenging end to 2020.


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