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Tools to Track the LIBOR Transition

LIBOR has long been the world’s most widely used benchmark for short-term rates. But the transition now occurs amid a global pandemic, which increases market uncertainty. In addition, risk managers, strategists and investors must now work through distributed teams. Replacing a single benchmark with multiple geographically dispersed market-based benchmarks complicates the transition process considerably, even before the pandemic had hit.

Professionals need more effective and efficient mechanisms to identify actionable insights to navigate the LIBOR transition. Technology platforms -- like BCMstrategy, Inc.’s PolicyScope Platform -- can help strategists, risk managers, and traders navigate through the noise of the news cycle and access insights that can generate competitive advantages.

Maintain Objectivity -- Find facts, not opinions

In sifting through the news, people are bombarded with subjective viewpoints embedded within policy analysis. Increased access to media only complicates the analytical process, making it difficult to distinguish between opinion and cold, hard facts. Risk managers and strategists need to be able to see quickly, clearly, and in real-time what policymakers are actually saying and doing regarding the LIBOR transition before they make strategic decisions and spending millions on new processes.

Daily Momentum Measurements -- Increased efficiency

The COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed the LIBOR transition. In fact, dwindling liquidity in some LIBOR products intensifies policymaker commitment regarding the transition to national, market-based benchmarks. Automated daily monitoring enables businesses to receive relevant, targeted insight regarding new developments. Faster access to insights means issues can be addressed proactively to mitigate risk and find alpha generation opportunities.

Data on Demand -- Enhanced strategic insights

Analytical time series functions enable strategists to spot inflection points and identify relationships across policymakers globally. By tracking the evolution of a specific term over time, our time series enable strategists and risk managers to see details others have missed and to generate strategic insights that deliver competitive advantages relative to other market participants.

In using these three methods, individuals and businesses can strategically and quickly address a broader range of LIBOR transition challenges. Platforms such as PolicyScope provide objective, real time information that enables executives to cut through the noise and find the needles in the public policy haystack faster than better than their competitors.

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