• BCMstrategy, Inc.

The Frontier of Climate Finance Risk Measurement

All the chatter this week understandably has a center of gravity in the climate finance and climate change context, which is giving cryptocurrency policy a run for its money (forgive the pun). We have been playing our part at BCMstrategy, Inc. this year, as we participated in -- and were a finalist at -- the G20/BIS TechSprint Challenge.

It was a real honor to experiment on the global stage with how our patented data could be combined with publicly available data to generate real transparency.

The competition has ended, so we can release publicly our approach to making policy risk assessments more data-driven within the dashboard context:

Quantified public policy data is now a reality. Climate-related risk policy will be one of the issues we include in our Bloomberg Terminal App launching later this year. The data is available for download immediately through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point.

If you are making sustainability investments a priority, you are flying blind if you don't take into account the risks associated with rapidly shifting policy environments.