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QOTD -- Europe Turbo-Charges Its #LIBOR Transition Efforts

One of the many benefits associated with using advanced analytical automation is that we don't worry about missing a major development no matter how technical the issue and no matter how technical the language.

Consider this morning's detail momentum chart from our PolicyScope Platform. Our internal settings right now prioritize a range of terms relevant to the LIBOR transition. More terms are included in the proprietary lexicon, but the ones we follow at present basically lit up like a Christmas tree overnight:

Two clicks and five minutes later, the big picture was clear. European Union policymakers are accelerating their LIBOR transition efforts, with leaders both in Brussels AND Frankfurt acting simultaneously to move forward:

The shifts also signal emerging and deepening policy divergences between Europe and other capital markets, with fault lines developing initially based on whether (or not) policymakers are ready, willing, and able to rely fully on market-determined rates. But that is a story for another day.

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