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QOTD -- Brexit

Policymakers in London started September more dedicated than ever on implementing a no-deal Brexit. Three separate actions indicated the depth of their resolve:

  1. Parliament conducted a second reading for the Fisheries Bill (fisheries remains a high-profile area blocking agreement with the EU);

  2. The Johnson Government launched a consultation on restructuring its approach to regulatory cooperation internationally, in response to an set of OECD recommendations; and

  3. The Bank of England's Prudential Regulation Authority issued this reminder to bank chief executive officers about the shift in regulatory requirements taking effect at the end of 2020:

Even if a last-minute deal occurs with the European Union, current policy trajectories point towards a narrow deal focused on goods without any commitments concerning regulatory policy.

We have only two days of data for September, but already the slope of the curve tells us everything we need to know about how the month will shape up regarding Brexit as policymakers prepare for last-ditch efforts at a non-chaotic transition at year-end.

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