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PolicyScope Shortlisted by G20/BIS Innovation Hub

We are thrilled and honored share the news that the Group of Twenty and the Innovation Hub at the Bank for International Settlements has shortlisted BCMstrategy, Inc. for it 2021 TechSprint Challenge focused on sustainable finance.

We look forward to mobilizing our patented technology to help investors, risk managers, and policymakers find better ways to drive data-driven decisions. We are honored to be selected among such an impressive group of innovators.

The patented PolicyScope process is now being focused -- and extended -- to respond to Problem Statement 1:

Measuring climate-related risk exposures presents significant challenges for markets and the official sector simultaneously. The challenge is not small, as this Atlantic Council paper recently underscored. It is akin to the metaphorical effort to change a flat tire on a moving car. Investors, issuers, project sponsors, and risk managers require more and better information regarding sustainability even as the official sector actively seeks to change the rules about what kind of data issuers and project sponsors must provide to investors. The rules are changing as markets change. Our patented technology and quantification process helps all stakeholders stay ahead of the news cycle with an objective, data-driven approach.

Being shortlisted is an honor as well as a responsibility. Significant complimentary technology resources have been donated by IBM to support prototype development. Mentors will provide feedback on design and implementation. An all-star set of judges will evaluate the prototypes in early autumn. Winners will be announced in October.

We will have a busy summer! The TechSprint timeline coincides with other major initiatives at BCMstrategy, Inc., including our recent announcements of strategic relationships with Bloomberg and Dow Jones. Access to the IBM cloud and Watson could turbo-chart our innovation cycle. So stay tuned!

Because the G20 and BIS requested it, we also created a logo for our team submission:

Our posts regarding this TechSprint journey and climate-related policy issues will be featuring this logo going forward.


PolicyScope data on climate-related and other issues (including CBDC and trade policy) can be accessed through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. Customized widgets and dashboards are available via API HERE.