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PolicyScope Expansions

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

It does not take advanced technology or even a crystal ball to spot the direction of travel for public policy globally in early 2021. The main themes are both clear and familiar:

  • Pandemic: a two-front war to combat both health and economic impacts

  • Climate Change: measuring and disclosing climate-related risks

  • Digital Economy: parallel efforts to launch (i) digital services taxation (in Europe) and (ii) digital currencies by central banks will compete for top billing with regulatory and political pressures to regulate Big Tech companies. Accelerated pivots towards the digital economy as a pandemic survival and growth strategy heightens the importance of these policy initiatives during 2021.

Sincere initiatives by the new Biden Administration to rebuild a fractured transatlantic relationship will face familiar flash points in the trade arena regarding tariff and subsidies policies in addition to data privacy and digital tax policy.

And then there is China, where the G7 remains united in countering Beijing's influence, coercive economic diplomacy, and human rights record. But economic growth and Europe's growing determination to achieve strategic autonomy from the United States may yet generate friction even with a new tone at the top of the new American government.

The strategic questions for 2021 are not about where policy trajectories are heading; they are about HOW policymakers will achieve their goals AND what kind of technical compromises they will make along the way.

Policy professionals know that strategic policy shifts often occur in the small details, without a press release. Spotting policy inflection points is rarely a "big data" activity. The key to strategic action is to see the shift when it occurs, even if journalists miss the moment.

BCMstrategy, Inc. therefore is pleased to announce

a PolicyScope Platform expansion

to meet the informational needs

of the new year.

We are now providing daily, global, automated and objective measurements of public policy risks regarding five detailed policy areas:

  • Big Tech Regulation

  • Digital Currency Policy (both CBDC and privately issued tokens)

  • ESG Disclosure Regulation (for both issuers and intermediaries/investors)

  • Digital Tax

  • LIBOR transition

Policy activity concerning these issues does not occur every day. Sometimes the moves are so technical that they do not generate attention. Those that can efficiently spot every move have a profound informational advantage that supports smarter alpha generation, risk management, and strategic advocacy. These measurements complement broader sectoral measurements concerning COVID-19 fiscal and monetary policy, trade policy, banking policy, and FinTech policy.

The curated data feeds make it possible to spot emerging inflection points, seeing the signal amid the noise of the broader news cycle.

Analysts and strategists using the PolicyScope Platform can get ahead of trends before model-driven bots because expert human analysts and strategists do not need to wait for big data in order to deliver trend projection analysis.

Humans can make assessments more efficiently than machines because they require fewer data points for analysis. However, it is crucially important that the data points used by both humans and machines are accurate, objective, timely, and curated to eliminate both bias and noise. The automated, patented processes that drive the PolicyScope suite of tools deliver precisely this kind of data to professionals seeking to tame information overload while turbo-charging their analytical capabilities.

Most of these issues have been covered by the PolicyScope process since early 2020. Today's platform expansions meet market needs for enhanced alerting and noise reduction regarding finely-tuned policy issues.

Enterprise clients can additionally receive micro-targeted alerting and other features through our API delivery. Bloomberg data customers receive all platform enhancements automatically at no additional fee.

We hope these enhancements help current and future users read smarter and make better, data-driven decisions faster.


PolicyScope data is available through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point.

Customized widgets and dashboards are available via API HERE.

Analytical scenario analysis (The Scenarios -- twice monthly) and daily global macro analysis of platform data (The PolicyScope Risk Monitor) are also available.