• BCMstrategy, Inc.

PolicyScope Data Now On Bloomberg

We are thrilled to announce today that PolicyScope data is now available to professional traders through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point.

The move provides investors and asset managers with next-generation tools to measure objectively aggregate global public policy activities for the issues that we cover. Just click on the image to read the entire document or see the full, live, multi-media press release here: BCMstrategy, Inc.’s PolicyScope Data now available to Bloomberg Data License Clients | Business Wire.

We take this action at a time of significant transition for the global economy. The pandemic has accelerated pre-existing geopolitical policy tensions, particularly in the economic and technological arenas. By making the PolicyScope data available to investors, we seek to accelerate their ability to conquer headline risk, craft more accurate scenario analysis, and make data-driven decisions that minimize their exposure to sudden shifts in public policy.


BCMstrategy, Inc. is a start-up company using patented technology to measure the language of public policy using objective political science/law principles. The resulting structured data supports advanced policy trajectory visualizations. It also delivers superior, curated training data for machine learning related to public policy activities globally.