• BCMstrategy, Inc.

Digital Currency Policy Volatility: New Datasets Now Available

The number of sessions at the Singapore Fintech Festival this year devoted to digital currency issues tells you everything you need to know about the accelerating public policy cycle surrounding private and public currency issuers. Of course, our readers and customers are already well familiar with the steady regarding official sector action on cryptocurrency regulation and central bank digital currencies. It almost seems as if upticks in action or rhetoric on these two issues generates decreased official sector attention to stablecoins:

Recent backtests confirm official sector policy volatility captured by the patented PolicyScope process -- particularly with respect to cryptocurrency -- is highly correlated with BitCoin price volatility. More importantly, public policy volatility spikes on average 10 days to 22 days before markets (including BitCoin prices) price in the policy shifts. Read the White Paper.

Market participants seeking these kinds of informational advantages have two choices. Large firms with in-house data science teams will want the full analytical dataset available exclusively through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. They want the raw data. But other firms simply seek a crystallized volatility signal. They just want to know when momentum is spiking so that they can develop a plan for the downstream market volatility.

Today we meet that focused market need by launching the first derivative signals from our PolicyScope dataset: digital currency policy volatility signals. Read the Press Release.

  • Digital Currency Volatility Signal 1 (DCVS 1) delivers to market participants and global strategists daily signals of public policy action regarding cryptocurrency policy. Recent backtests confirmed that BCMstrategy, Inc.’s delivers to investors between 10 days and 22 days of advance notice regarding BitCoin price movements over a two year period (2019-2020). Additional anticipatory volatility signals related to cryptocurrency issues were also identified within the VIX and sectoral S&P market benchmarks.

  • Digital Currency Volatility Signal 2 (DCVS 2) delivers to market participants and global strategists daily signals of public policy action regarding central bank digital currency policy.

The two datasets can be combined to deliver superior visibility into strategic public policy shifts regarding both private and sovereign issuers of digital currencies. Both DCVS 1 and DCVS 2 are available for immediate delivery via API. Daily API deliveries to your internal dashboards and landing pages provide quantitative PolicyScope data (numbers) and verbal data (PDF documents for human readers; machine-readable language for ML/AI use cases).