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Updated: Apr 30, 2021

We are pleased to announce a significant extension of our PolicyScope data designed specifically to meet capital market automation needs.

We use patented technology to generate numerical PolicyScope data from 900+ technical lexicon terms across a broad range of issues important to global macro investors objectively, without using sentiment analysis. We have now completed an extensive mapping that links each lexicon term to 101 industry sectors AND 8 asset classes. See today's press release.

Investors and strategists can now program their internal systems to identify which technical global policy moves will impact which specific economic sectors and asset classes automatically using PolicyScope data.

Capital market participants use a range of codes for industry sectors from SIC, SIC/SEC, and NAICS in the United States to GIC globally. Our generic industry mapping makes our data interoperable with all of these codes effective immediately. It also makes it possible for individual firms to customize easily the mapping to fit their specific priorities.

You can see the details in this 30-second video:

We will soon also be making available to our Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point (BEAP) customers an additional mapping layer. BEAP customers will receive data mapped specifically to NAICS.

For non-Bloomberg customers, our data is delivered via API/FTP utilities configured with alerts and customized to specific interests. Please contact us to get started today.