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Data-Driven Alpha Generation

More than a few market commentators have marveled this week at the sell-off in capital markets. Data-driven investors find little to no correlation between market performance and the still-solid revenue gains from pandemic work-from-home adjustments much less the optimistic unemployment data released today from the OECD.

PolicyScope Platform users, however, know that 2020 market dynamics are driven by a different kind of activity than revenue and economic data releases. Markets continue to be driven by public policy. Fortunately, our patented process provides data-driven investors with the opportunity to spot correlations and covariances using objective integers.

We are having fun with this, as our latest GIF illustrates:

If you care to read the 1000+ words (a 4 minute read), we unpack the scenario analysis and policy trend projection opportunities from this situation, please continue reading on BCMstrategy, Inc.'s Disruption and Data Blog.


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