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#ClimateFinance #AlternativeData -- Cheat Sheet 2

Building risk measurement models requires understanding of, and access to, reliable, objective data that delivers meaningful pre-trade insight into forward risk trajectories.

Making sense of the impact that climate change can have on individual securities is challenging under the best of circumstances, even when one only looks at the physical environmental issues (including emissions). Data gaps are legendary.

Charting the forward path of the public policy reaction function until recently has defied risk measurement. Fortunately, our patented technology provides analysts, strategists and advocates with the tools they need to identify policy trajectories and manage their exposures to related risks. Accelerating shifts in policy cycles also will contribute additional data streams important for investors seeking to spot strategic opportunities as well as latent risks.

Your cheat sheet:


About BCMstrategy, Inc.: The company helps portfolio managers and strategists anticipate market volatility related to public policy/headline risk and take strategic market positions by delivering quantitative volume-based objective data drawn directly from the public policy process paired with data generated from media coverage from fact-checked journalism publishers like Dow Jones and ThomsonReuters.

Volatility signals are available via API regarding these issue areas: Digital Currency Policy; Climate Finance Policy, and Monetary Policy.

Charts, graphs, and verbal data are available through the V3 PolicyScope Data app on the Bloomberg Terminal at: {APPS PLCY <GO>}.