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#Climate-related Public Policy Risks: Measured

Delighted to announce that the Atlantic Council has just published a paper regarding climate-related public policy risks that includes our PolicyScope Platform charts.

You can download and read the full report HERE on the Atlantic Council website. Read the Issue Brief to see how how daily incremental moves in public policy create massive implications for monetary policy and equity issuance as well as retirement savings and risk measurement.

Data on a range of climate-related issues and over 900 additional lexicon terms across trade, digital currency, banking, and other issues can be accessed by institutional investors through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. Derivative data such as alerts, dashboards, and other data visualizations are available for enterprise-wide deployments via API, FTP, S3, SharePoint and Slack as well as through our Platform.

Contact us today to learn more about how our data, interactive visualizations, and drill-down utilities can help you and your team measure, manage, and track your exposure to public policy risks as they emerge globally and daily.