• BCMstrategy, Inc.

Climate Finance Data -- Your Cheat Sheet, Part I

Understanding how to use alternative data to support sustainable investment strategies can be complicated. Defining the use cases requires a good understanding of the range of data available for research, risk measurement, risk pricing, and trade execution.

Our first climate finance White Paper helps provide orientation. Let's start with an overview of the currently available datasets:


About BCMstrategy, Inc.: The company helps portfolio managers and strategists anticipate market volatility related to public policy/headline risk and take strategic market positionsby delivering quantitative volume-based objective data drawn directly from the public policy process paired with data generated from media coverage from fact-checked journalism publishers like Dow Jones and ThomsonReuters.

Volatility signals are available via API regarding these issue areas: Digital Currency Policy; Climate Finance Policy, and Monetary Policy.

Charts, graphs, and verbal data are available through the V3 PolicyScope Data app on the Bloomberg Terminal at: {APPS PLCY <GO>}.