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What We Do

We bring the data revolution to policy intelligence

BCM PolicyScope is an automated predictive analytics tool for geo-economic and regulatory policy risk. 

The velocity and breadth of global pandemic policy responses exponentially grows the universe of data developments.  Find the needles you need in the haystack of media noise.

We have the answer.

Powered by patented analytical automation, our tools enable you to quickly find the data you need and to spot trends visually as they develop. 

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Global Accounting Firm Practice Leader

"Twice in the last month, I found important developments that my team and the media had not spotted.  We were miles ahead of our competitors, providing superior service to our clients by using this platform."

Algorithmic Trader

"Thx for flagging (a key development)...think it's starting to circulate in trader-chats as we speak and you beat the chats."

Capital Markets Trader

Your PolicyScope platform and COVID19 Report "are must-haves for anyone with a trading horizon longer than 30 seconds."

Bank Board Advisor and Law Professor

Your reports are "on point, insightful, and more advanced than 90% of the financial commentary out there...They are clearly based on an enormous amount of  careful research and thinking."  

Global Risk Management Expert

"Your analysis appropriately emphasizes the severity of the challenges that lie ahead of us."

Former Ambassador

"Congratulations!  I am enjoying your excellent reports."


BCM PolicyScope.

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