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"Twice in the last month, I found important developments that my team and the media had not spotted. We were miles ahead of our competitors, providing superior service to our clients by using this platform." - Global Accounting Firm Practice Leader

Your PolicyScope platform and COVID19 Report "are must-haves for anyone with a trading horizon longer than 30 seconds." - Capital Markets Trader


"Thx for flagging (a key development)...think it's starting to circulate in trader-chats as we speak and you beat the chats." - Algorithmic Trader

Your reports are "on point, insightful, and more advanced than 90% of the financial commentary out there...They are clearly based on an enormous amount of careful research and thinking."  - Bank Board Advisor and Law Professor

"Your analysis appropriately emphasizes the severity of the challenges that lie ahead of us." - Global Risk Management Expert

"Congratulations! I am enjoying your excellent reports." - Former Ambassador

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